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    ...named after a small pair of pliers used in jewellery making, Les Brucelles is a Brussels-based non-profit organisation founded in 2021 and composed of passionate jewellery designers and jewellery lovers.

    The organisation aims to improve the visibility and the recognition of contemporary jewellery artists by promoting and presenting their work not only to art lovers, professionals and cultural authorities but to the general public as well.

    Les Brucelles believes in an inclusive and fundamentally participatory approach and wish to develop new projects and events based on cohesion and innovative programs.

    Anything can to be built and achieved together, there is plenty of room for all your ideas!


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    Following the success of the first Brussels Jewellery Week, Les Brucelles is bound to grow and diversify.

    The management team is currently composed of 6 active volunteer members and need to expand to continue creating events and developing projects.

    This is the opportunity to join a dynamic team of volunteers, which succeeded in organising and curating the first Brussels Jewellery Week.

    Brussels Jewellery Week is an event destined to grow and gain an even bigger spot on the international contemporary jewellery scene all the while keeping its Belgian and "Zinneke" vibe.

    The call is open to all people having an interest in the field of contemporary jewellery, and/or the wish to promote it through dynamic activities. There is a need for a range of diverse profiles and skills.



    Active Member: You are a team player with ideas, time and positive energy who wish to actively contribute to the organisation and management of the next editions of the Brussels Jewellery Week and of other contemporary jewellery events and activities.

    Supporting Member: You wish to support the organisation without being part of the management team all while participating in activities and decision making.

    Sponsor: You wish to financially support the organisation by funding their projects and contribute to the promotion of contemporary jewellery.



    EN- call for applications

    FR - appel à candidature

    NL - Oproep Les Brucelles

    I WANNA BE LES BRUCELLES (membership)

    I WANNA BE LES BRUCELLES (membership)

    0,00 € - 100,00 €
    Active Member: FREE

    Supporting Member: 30€/YEAR

    Sponsor: 50€ - 100€ contact us for larger donations
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  • Activities


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    Brussels Jewellery Week 2022

    Brussels 28 April- 08 May 2022

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    Romanian Jewelry Week 2022

    Bucharest 5-9 October 2022

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    Brussels Jewellery Week 2024

    Brussels April 2024